Americans work harder than any other people on earth to make their dreams come true – BUT now much of that hard-earned money is being siphoned off by a scandalous economy led by leeches at the highest corporate levels…


When employers don’t promise security anymore… Big-wig executives gleefully raid the corporate bank accounts, and expect you to pick up the tab… And prices for almost everything spiral out of control…This breakthrough may be the only way for you to maintain your life and provide for your loved ones…


Dear Mad As Heck Fellow Citizen,
My name is Anthony Morrison...

And if you’re sick and tired of how your paycheck suddenly isn’t covering as much as it did before – prepare yourself for this shocking information that will change your life…

This was the year the mortgage lenders cried to the government for big money bailouts, paid for by the little guys, after they drained off the money and made countless bad business decisions. And you’re stuck with the bill.

This was the year the big oil companies recorded shockingly obscene profits... yet they still had the “cajones” to ask the government for tax breaks... while you and I are facing ever-higher prices at the gas pump. And you’re stuck with the bill.

This was the year those sky-high gas prices seriously affected the price of everything you need to live an average life – now you’re dealing with expensive food, expensive airfare, expensive everything. And you’re stuck with the bill.

Yes, life has changed…


Do you think the big companies even care when they announce layoffs and hand out hundreds or thousands of pink slips?
They don’t care about employees…
They don’t care about the families of the employees…
They don’t care about the sacrifices made by the employees…
They only care about profits and the stock price.

Which means it’s the perfect time for anyone nervous about their employment situation to seriously think about the next step.

And where they’re going to find the help they need to not only survive, but to jump higher and make their dreams really happen.



“There is no security in this world.
There is only opportunity.”
– General Douglas MacArthur

Here’s Why You Must Listen Carefully To Internet Home Business Expert Anthony Morrison…

Anthony was featured on the cover of Home Business magazine as a successful entrepreneur who has thrived during a recession! – Home Business Magazine, June 25, 2008

“Anthony Morrison was in college when he turned his idea for a retail performance auto parts store into a thriving Internet business. His secret is to nurture seemingly little ideas. ‘You start small and always thing big,’ Morrison said.” – Investors Business Daily, July 17, 2008

Anthony was interviewed by one of the newspaper's business writer to offer expert advice regarding the best way to sell an Internet domain name. – Los Angeles Times, May 26, 2008

Featured guest on this television station to explain how anyone can profit from buying and selling domain names. – WLBT Television, March 15, 2008

"When I started my first business, I never thought about risk or fear. If a business wasn’t working, it wasn’t that it couldn’t work; it just wasn’t working the way I was doing it. I’ve never started a business that hasn’t been successful. I just have to figure out the right formula and approach." – Growing Wealth Magazine, June 1, 2008

You’ve worked hard all your life to get where you are.

You’ve played by the rules… But now the rules have changed.

Others have forced these sky-high prices and unfair “corporate games” on you and everyone else trying to do it the right way. Suddenly, that paycheck you were once so proud of isn’t cutting it anymore.

Some people who never would have considered it before are even forced to pay for basic things like food and gasoline with credit cards… and can’t even pay off the balance each month.

And you’re probably thinking there must be a better way to earn the money you need to pay for your responsibilities.

The sad part is…

Look around and you’ll probably see it in your own neighborhood.

Everyone is feeling this way. They all want to “do their own thing”… to experience the thrill of being in control and having their own business.

But when you ask them what they’re doing about it, the typical answer is something like, “Oh, I have responsibilities to take care of, and there’s no time to start my own business.”

At least that’s the excuse they give.

The truth is most people are afraid of failing – which keeps them from even trying.

Yet imagine how different things would be if you were the one in control of your life… and not the corporate leeches who don’t even care about you.

It’s easier than you can imagine when you possess the right plan.

In the old days it seemed so simple…

…The shoemaker had a shop at the front of his house, supporting the family his own way.

…The baker supplied the village with bread, supporting the family his own way.

…The blacksmith kept everything working so everyone could go about their lives, supporting the family his own way.

Today, the average person wants the exact same thing – to be in control of their life. And to avoid the ruthless “cutbacks” that always seem to be at the tip of every CEO’s tongue these days.

But there’s still a big problem…

Look, when it comes to finding a safe and reliable way for the little guy to make a decent income on his own, there are way too many “big” claims out there.

Sure, some of those programs might have produced real millionaires. The truth is, though, it takes a

HUGE amount of time and effort to get there – more time and effort than most people like you have to spend on their own part-time business.

If you’re like me, you’re looking for something fast and easy. And you probably don’t need millions to be satisfied.

Maybe a few hundred or even a few thousand a month extra is the right number for you.

You see, I’m like you. I have another job that brings in the biggest chunk of my income. But when I discovered this extraordinary way for anyone to make decent money, I couldn’t turn my back on it!

Here’s why I think you will find it fascinating, too…

In a way, this is a real estate business – but it’s VERY different from what you’re probably thinking.

That’s because this real estate isn’t in just one location… it exists everywhere in the world at the same time!

It’s called an Internet “domain” … those web site addresses you type into your Internet browser to look at any web site in the world.

Each web site has its own special “domain” – that’s how people find those sites.

And every single domain in the world is like a piece of real estate with a real world value. Some domains are “bigger” than others because more people visit them, and so they’re worth a lot of money. These are domains like Google, Yahoo, and other biggies.

Other domains don’t get nearly as much traffic – but they’re still worth something.

This is what I discovered almost by accident…

There is an absolutely HUGE worldwide market for these domains. People are buying and selling them every minute of every day.

But unlike the limited amount of real estate under your feet, you can make as much of this “Online Real Estate” as you want… for as little as $20 each time you want to create a new piece of property.

To make a little money, I just create a new domain that has real “sizzle” to it. (I’ve learned through trial and error how to do this, and I want to show you exactly how easily you can do it too.) Then I sell it to an eager buyer who hands over the cash.

Sometimes I only make a hundred bucks or so from each sale – but that’s a nice 400% profit in just a few days or weeks!

I’m also going to spill the beans and show you another secret way of turning any domain into a steady stream of money every month.

Please be forewarned, though…

In fact, when I first started I was thrilled to pull in a couple hundred bucks a month.

As I figured out more of the little details of how this “Online Real Estate” marketplace works, I was able to easily multiply my monthly income from this little side business.

After a couple years, I’m now generating a shade under $20,000 per month. It’s not a million bucks, but it’s pretty darned good for a part-time hobby!

What this means for you is of vital importance…

The market for domains worldwide is MASSIVE – and it continues to grow every day. It’s not like regular real estate where the value goes up and down like a roller coaster. As more and more people get on the Internet, the value of every new piece will keep climbing.

Here’s another great benefit to you: the “Online Real Estate” market of domains is NOT just a few big players making all the money.

Instead, it’s made up of a LOT of people making a little money each.

It really is ideal, because you’ll never get squeezed out by the big boys – there are no big boys!

What I like best, though, is…

When I started figuring out that “Online Real Estate” could help me bring in a nice steady income every month, I admit it made me a little nervous. I absolutely did NOT want another job.

That’s why I was thrilled when I found out how little time and effort it takes to run this little business.

In fact, after spending a few minutes to create a new domain through an easy step-by-step system, I literally hand over this new piece of “Online Real Estate” to other people to handle every aspect of the domain sale or any other money-making system I choose to begin.

And these aren’t my employees, either.

They are third-party experts who run everything for me. I just pay them a small commission for finding my buyers!

It’s the perfect way for any lazy person to make a decent amount of money… fast and easy.

"Within 10 Minutes Of Watching the DVDs I Registered 25 Excellent New Domains!"
Jim Anderson is in his 70s and lives a great life all due to domain names. He was in real estate and struggling. When he found domain names it changed his life, as well as his family's life. They are now able to spend time together and enjoy a wonderful life in an amazing home.

He says, "Excellent course. Great info. After flipping domains for over ten years I learned that there is an immense body of knowledge that had totally escaped me. I've clearly let a lot of fine opportunities slip away and left a serious amount of money on the table. Within ten minutes of watching the CDs I registered 25 excellent new .mobi domain names! The future has never looked brighter."

Jim Anderson, Amado AZ

Quite simply… because domains and “Online Real Estate” is such a new concept, many people in this country simply don’t understand how this type of business actually works.

Their lack of knowledge is your opportunity… and my experience is like money in the bank… if you jump on this now.

The sad truth is that if you’re like most people, you’re struggling to make your paycheck cover all your expenses and responsibilities.

To make matters worse – most people never take action when they discover a real opportunity.

That all ends right now.

One of the first people I ever taught this system to saw the value of my method and ran with it. He grabbed a domain with just $20 and was bringing in real money within 24 hours.

Again, it wasn’t millions of dollars. But it was quick money that flowed in almost effortlessly.

Now it’s time…

My goal is to help you win with your own business.

This market is so huge, I could teach my “Online Real Estate” domain systems to a million eager people and it wouldn’t make a difference in how much I make… or even how much you will make.

So don’t worry about someone else crowding you out. Your only competition is yourself – because you have to decide whether or not you will jump in and start generating some decent money for yourself.

Here’s what I’ve created to show you – in simple, step-by-step instructions – how to set up your domain business in just an hour or two and begin making money almost overnight:

The InvestDomains “Overnight Success Kit” contains everything I know about the “Online Real Estate” business and how to make good consistent money with it.

Remember, I don’t make millions with my domain business. But over the past two years I’ve built up my own domain business to bring in $20,000 each month.

I’m giving you every single method, strategy, and technique I have personally perfected while building my little business. Here’s what you’ll receive…

» The InvestDomains 6 DVD Training Course – Over 2 hours of my personalized instruction to show you exactly how I make money with “Online Real Estate” domains. This isn’t a lecture… it’s a step-by-step walk-through of everything I do. You can literally watch the DVD as you do exactly what I tell you on your computer. You’ll discover for yourself how easy it can be using my “double barrel” approach to making money with domains… the fast and easy way!


» Guide To Successful Domain Name Investing – This is a valuable desktop guide you’ll refer to again and again while building your business for success. My philosophy is to get right to the point… so I’ve packed these 32 pages with priceless instructions, links, and resources designed to help you make money immediately.


» BONUS: Quick Start to Online Business DVD – In addition to making money with domains, I’ve discovered THREE other powerful online business strategies that can take you to any level of success you desire. In this 45-minute DVD, I’ll show you how to turn these ideas into real money. With these additional sources of income, you can give yourself all the financial security you’re looking for!

» BONUS: Quick Start to Online Marketing DVD – Having an online business is great, and with these smart marketing methods you’ll reap more rewards than most people ever dream of! You’ll see how simple it can be to get huge numbers of people visiting your web sites. These are the same methods used by top Internet businesses… plus some additional ones even they don’t know about!

» BONUS: Quick Start Online Business Guide – Another handy desktop guide to keep you on track every step of the way. This guide is designed as a companion to the DVD mentioned above.

» BONUS: 30-Day Membership to the InvestDomains Marketplace – This is premier spot to buy and sell domains on the Internet today. You’ll discover how drop-dead easy it is to show off your domains to eager buyers. Plus, the Marketplace gives you access to advanced training to show you even more ways to generate profits from your domains. And it’s totally automated, so you’ll only set it up once and then walk away!

» BONUS: The Hidden Millionaire – This is my brand new book written to help you achieve your very best. Not only do I tell you my own story of finding success, but I also give you my Twelve Principles of Entrepreneurship that you can use to transport you anywhere you want to be.

» BONUS: Free Shipping! – Get your own copy of the InvestDomains “Overnight Success Kit” delivered right to your door. You can be profiting from this proven system in just a few days!

In today’s world, everyone wants a little more financial security. That’s why I believe the InvestDomains “Overnight Success Kit” is such a valuable addition to your life.

Here’s what you’ll enjoy when you follow my simple instructions:

»Blow away your money worries once and for all… and feel the peace and contentment which comes from being in control of creating your own money – and even how much you want to create!

» Do the things you’ve always desired… without worrying about how much it costs or if you have enough vacation time!

»Treat your family the way they deserve… and create lasting memories without the worry of having to say sorry, we can’t afford that right now’ again!

»Decide what you really want to do with your valuable time… because you’ll have the freedom to decide whether or not to keep your current job, switch to a new one you enjoy more, or even to fire your boss and work exclusively for yourself!

»Calmly face whatever comes your way… since you’ll have a reliable source of income no one can take away from you, and you can increase that amount whenever you want!

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Anthony Battaglia is a 21 year old college student. When he discovered these basic domain name investing strategies, he immediately registered a domain name that cost him only $20 — and quickly received a $500 offer for that same name.

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Anthony Battaglia, Brandon MS

Finally, your chance to stick it to the corporate leeches

If you’re like most people and have had it up to here with the reckless way those corporate leeches are ripping everyone off and leaving you to pay the bills…

And if you’re tired of figuring out how to improve your income to cover the rising cost of food, gas, and nearly everything else… This is your opportunity to put yourself in control of your situation once and for all.

Choose to keep your current job if you like, and make a decent extra income while putting in very little time or effort.

Or choose to replace your current job using these same methods and strategies I’ll teach you in the InvestDomains “Overnight Success Kit”.

Either way, this is the best way you’ll find to make yourself “recession proof.”


You can imagine how valuable this information is.

In the right hands, the InvestDomains “Overnight Success Kit” is like a license to print money. Whether you want to make a little, or a lot more, this is the ideal way to reach your goals.

Together, everything you’ll receive with your InvestDomains “Overnight Success Kit” has a value in excess of $497.

Even if that were the price, it would be a bargain… because your return on that investment could be tremendous.

Especially when you consider how little time and effort is needed to make this a steady money-maker for you.

That’s why you’ll be excited to know…

You need a way to make sure you have a reliable income to live how you desire.

I want to help you achieve that goal.

That’s why I’m making this InvestDomains “Overnight Success Kit” available to you for a limited time at a very special price of just $197 – a savings of $300!

So for the same amount it takes to fill up your gas tank about 2-1/2 times, you’ll have the ideal money-making system that will keep your car filled up forever.

It’s time to stop playing by their rules… and finally make your OWN rules.

The InvestDomains “Overnight Success Kit” is the way to make it happen, you just need to take the first step and order your copy of this life-changing system right now.

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Corky Ballas, Houston TX

Look, in a reliable part-time business like this, information is money – and this information is worth a fortune. Seriously, if you could persuade me to come to your home and spill my guts about “Online Real Estate” like I have in the InvestDomains “Overnight Success Kit” it would cost you several thousand dollars (plus travel expenses).

My goal is to help you get going with this super-fast and super-easy way to make the money you need to give you security and peace.

I’m financially secure for life thanks to the business skills I’ve gained and put into action. Now I’m 100% committed to helping as many people as possible join me in this fun and rewarding business. So I’m picking up most of your bill and I’m bending over backwards and doing handstands just to get you to say, “Sure, I’ll take a look.”

Instead of the $497 that this system is worth, your cost is just $197. But I’m going to make it even easier for you to snag your copy of InvestDomains “Overnight Success Kit” right now.

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Listen, every second counts these days. The big corporate know-it-alls don’t wait for us when they decide to raise prices on everything. When you wake up tomorrow, who knows where things will be!

That’s why you really need to take advantage of this right now.

You’re getting the entire InvestDomains “Overnight Success Kit” at a $300 savings… free shipping right to your door… and a totally risk-free way to try it for yourself.

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You need the information in the InvestDomains “Overnight Success Kit”.

I’m anxious to get your copy of InvestDomains “Overnight Success Kit” in your hands. Order your copy today and I’ll send yours right to your door.


Anthony Morrison

Creator of the InvestDomains “Overnight Success Kit”

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